Oakland, Oregon - Event Center

The Oakland Event Center is comprised of 25 acres of land that had been purchased by Douglas Foust. This property had been a mill previously and needed a purpose. Doug contacted me to assist in developing a use for the property to include website, logo, social media presentations and on site management for special events.



Wayne Garris developed the first of its kind First person Video RC plane. A successful launch on Kickstarter resulted in $50,000 in donated funding which launched the techpod into production. My role was to promote and blog about the aircraft and offer ways to promote the craft.


Project Overview:

  • Networking

  • Social Media Outreach


Oregon City Police UAS Program

Oregon City Police Department in Oregon City, Oregon chose me as the go to for UAS support and product.  This was while acting as the Director of UAS for Invictus.


Project Overview:

  • Sales negotiator

  • Training of UAS systems

UAS Concept Development

Over the past 16 years I have developed many concepts that bring innovation into exhistance! At left is shown a tricopter concept developed 8 years before current VTOL UAS existed.

UAS Mentorship and Collaborations

Having been in multiple areas of very specialized industries I have made many alliances. this ability to connect is crucial to success.

Prineville, Oregon - UAS in Class 

Schools in the United States have a hard time getting teens interested in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math). I developed a class called UAS in Class which introduced drones into classes for the first time in the United States. It was a big hit and we had amazing interest. This course augments STEM based classes by including multiple class types into an augmented drone course.


I successfully negotiated into contract with the Infotron / ECA Robotics group and Integrated robotics Imaging Systems (uav-alaska.com) to be authorized to offer the French Made Military UAV within the USA.


Project Overview:

  • Contract negotiation

  • Project management

  • Localized Networking

Invictus UAS Division

Invictus Technical Solutions, llc (www.invictusus.com) chose my company to represent them in the field and on the news in areas relating to Unmanned Systems. This eventually lead to me being hired as the Director of Unmanned Systems and Services in Oregon.


Project Overview:

  • Contract negotiation

  • Project management

  • Retail store front development

  • Localized Networking

  • Public Relations

Marion Carl Foundation Revamp

The Marion Carl Foundation is an organization founded to bring aviation to kids. The foundation has been around for many years but lacked new ideas and innovation. I brought in new logo's, website and Mascott as well as increased the tech base of the group while connecting the Foundation to local educators to enhance the summer camp it has been known for.

Rescue Efforts to recover a lost dog.

Video here: https://youtu.be/vKdj9-H3-6E

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