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Whether you area new pilot or someone with a professional background looking to offer UAS services, we offer various UAS / Drone training options for you!

We offer varied levels of instruction so all students and skill levels are welcome!

The classes listed below can be tailored and modified for your specific purpose or skill set to include Summer Camps, Corporate, Agency and even Individuals!

Classes Offered:

  • Cloud Busters Summer Camp for Teens​ (2hrs a day / 3 Days)
    • Includes Portions of each class listed below​
    • Each Student gets a drone to keep!
    • Each Student gets a Certificate of Completion
    • Graduates Qualify for Internship and other Benefits
  • Intro to Flight and Unmanned Aviation
    • Forces of Flight

    • Basics of Piloting in General Aviation

    • Intro to UAS (DRONE) systems

    • Piloting Unmanned Systems

  • Intermediate Drone School (

    • Building and Designing systems​

    • Trouble Shooting & "Drone" repair

  • Unmanned Systems as a Career (2 Hrs)

    • The In's and outs of the business

    • Marketing and Branding your Company

    • Documents and Forms

    • Insurance and Liability

    • Where it started and is going (Staying ahead of the curve)

    • Equipment required to be successfull

  • FAA Part 107 Prep Course (4 Hrs)

    • Discussions / Practice Testing and Nomenclature Familiarization

    • Workbook Provided

  • Professional Drone Ops Course​​ (Only for students with at least basic flying experience)

    • Law Enforcement Operations (Practical Hands on Piloting and Discussions)

    • Real Estate Filming and Editing (Practical Hands on Piloting / Editing and Instruction)

    • Search and Rescue Operations (Practical Hands on Piloting and Simulated Challenges)

    • Piloting Skills Assessment (For Pilots desiring Commercial Part 107 ops or entry into our 107 Prep Course) 

    • Other as Announced

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