Dave Skala
Consultant / Project Manager

I have spent most of my career developing innovative problem solving skills to the list of experience below. During this time I have established myself as a hard worker who isn't afraid to take on challenges head on with or without assistance.


I pride myself on my out of the box way of thinking, my ability to inlist the help of others non-abrasively and my Integrity.


I have a vast array of experience in the following areas:

  • 18 Years Retail Loss Prevention (Management and Lead)

  • 29 Years of Security Related experience (CCTV / Armed / DPSST Instructor etc)

  • 2 Years Sheriffs Deputy (Deschutes County Oregon)

  • 2 Years Private Investigations (Armed) (Eugene, Oregon)

  • 4 Years At Risk Youth Involvement (Wilderness / Military and Transport Agent)

  • 17 Years Unmanned Aircraft operator, manager and visionary consultant.

One of the things that makes ADHOC Robotics Different than other companies is that we maintain a low overhead to keep our service fees down.  Our group of collaborators involved in various industries are hand picked based on their Integrity, service offerings that out shine others in their field and reliability of their teams as a whole.


When you have a project that needs "Talented" individuals to work through the details of the mission... We are that group! 

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