Use your mouse roller and buttons to manipulate the images (Zoom in, rotate etc)

If your company uses images and videos as much as we do, we find that it often becomes hard to describe what it is we're looking at when pouring through hundreds of still pictures.
The solution is simple really. Have us convert the still pictures we take into a 3D model!
  • Estimators use the 3D Models to show collaborators and others online. This is helpful in truly understanding what the area is all about and issues they may face developing the area.
  • Real Estate Agents find that their clients can navigate the property and see what they want to see not what we chsoe for them to see!
  • We can also process this data to include GIS data, overlays and so on. This allows for on the fly measuring and calculations! 
  • Has a mudslide grown in size? The software will tell you for example!
3D capture above credited to our Affiliate Pault Tice of topa 3D

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